The past several years I have contemplated starting a blog. I convince myself otherwise, thinking to myself that I really don’t have anything to say or offer. The next thought…look at it as a journal, a way to track the every day happenings, thoughts,dreams, wishes. The next, next thought…nobody cares what you have to say. Well, you get the idea.

Thanksgiving weekend 2017, I post on Facebook a short bit about what an incredibly fun time Thanksgiving day was. Record breaking for sure.

My cousin Andy’s wife, Jill messages me that I need to start a blog. She offered to set it up and insisted I get it started. If she believed in me and my ability then I definitely should. Right? Right! Right?

My Goddaughter Sarah got married on the day after Thanksgiving. Jill brought the subject up again. Fast forward to Monday and she messaged me tossing around titles and taglines. Hence, Inspired Insanity was born.

So here I sit, still afraid that I have nothing to say or anything to offer. However, if Jill believes in me, I shall also.

My blog will express my daily thoughts, prayers, dreams, fears and ambitions that I have. The issues that come from being a frustrated perfectionist. The challenge of being an Empath in a world that doesn’t understand. The joyful and tearfilled journey that I have been on as a mother of two high functioning sons that are on the Autism Spectrum. Also, to one son that is the jelly filled center of the ASD sandwich that completes me.

I will share the the reality of depression, anxiety, chronic pain and what it takes to find sunshine on the other side of the darkest days.

I have lived, like so many of you through unimaginable sorrow and joy unspeakable.

The stories will tell themselves

So, thank you Jill for encouraging me and mostly for believing in me when I don’t always believe in myself. I love you more than I love my luggage.

So it begins.

5 thoughts on “To blog, or not to blog…..

  1. You’re at the right place, with the right people! I know this because we’ve something in common.. ‘in a world that doesn’t understand.’ This notion is heartfelt. Send out your words to those who are worthy of it, and it will work wonders. Thats how I got started. Welcome aboard ❤️

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