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Today has been a good day.  Yesterday not so much.  Well, the day was good, but once evening fell, my spirit did right along with it.  I tried to shake it, however, I just felt an overwhelming sadness.  The best thing for me to do at a time like that is pray.  Pray and remember all that I have to be thankful for.

On Monday my sister texted me reminding me that it is Januarie! Laughing to myself I knew what she meant.  The newest season of The Bachelor was starting that night.  For you seasoned Bachelor fans, I thought she meant to write It’s Juanuary for when Juan Pablo was the bachelor. He turned out to be a total creep, to put it kindly.  Clare was right tho. It is Januarie.  As in Arie Luyendyk.  He is this seasons pick.  

I didn’t watch it on Monday.  I DID record it on my DVR.  Soooo…..I watched it last night.  I am glad I did.  (don’t judge)  The craziness of it all made me chuckle and it brightened my mood.  Now I am hooked to this season and am committed to seeing it through.  

Now back to the original topic.  The day.  It wasn’t anything special.  I took Alex to work this morning. When I got home I shoveled out front.  I was frozen solid by the time I got in.  Baby Jack was still asleep so I curled up in bed for a brief time to warm up.  It did the trick.  

The boys have been exceptionally good today.  We played, read books over and over and had a lunch of  fruit crackers and lunch meat.  I cleaned the kitchen, threw laundry in and purged the refrigerator of leftovers that are older than I care to think.  

Tomorrow is Friday and the end of the Christmas break.  Jace starts back to school Monday and Tuesday my Clemons girls make their return + 1.  I will have a newborn to love on again!  Busy busy days.

When the days are good I will embrace them.  When they are not so good, I know it will pass.  No cookies needed so far.




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