See that little girl in the center, mouth wide open with the pixie?

Yep, that’s me.

You see, behind those expressive brown eyes and that smile is a child who was able to see the world in ways that she could understand, but lacked the courage to talk about it. The proverbial old soul. In hindsight she had and still does for that matter, gifts of the spirit. What was lacking was the ability to acknowledge what they were. She just “knew” that she “knew”.

Her gifts are those of wisdom, faith, prophecy and distinguishing between spirits. These gifts are a blessing. They also carried a heavy weight for one so young.

Every day life stood out to her. To what might be insignificant to others, was the opposite to her. She recognized the importance of a moment. It was something as simple as driving down State Road Two, at the hill passing Bendix Woods going home from the farm. The moon following her on the South side of the rode while the stream of headlights heading West passed them by. She knew this was what it meant to take note and be present.

Playing croquet in her grandparents backyard drinking iced tea/lemonade. Sitting at her grandpa’s feet as he played Beautiful Dreamer on the organ. Picking strawberries on hot Summer days. Eating braunschweiger on Ritz crackers for lunch with her mom while the big kids were at school. Waiting for the 3:30 whistle to blow at Dodge, knowing any minute dad would come out of the foundry. It was a contest between her and her three siblings to see who could spot him first. At a young age she knew this was the stuff life was made of.

Her heart had room enough to love everyone. She felt for the underdogs, and the unjustice that they endured. At about this age she and her childhood neighbor used to feed the foster child a few doors down. She was put out early in the morning and stayes out all day. They were powerless to make things right, but powerful in their own way. They did what Jesus said “Feed the hungry” “Love our neighbor” It was a natural instinct to love that little girl, even if just with peanut butter sandwiches and Kool-Aid.

To be continued….until then,

Be a blessing,


Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith; if service, in our serving; the one who teaches, in his teaching -Romans 12:6-7

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