Change within…..

We all start on the outside The outside looking in This is where grace begins We were hungry, we were thirsty With nothing left to give Oh the shape that we were in Just when all hope seemed lost Love opened the door for us –Sidewalk Prophets 54 years. That is how long it has … Continue reading Change within…..


I know that life goes on just perfectly And everything is just the way that it should be Still there are times when my heart feels like breaking Anywhere is where I’d rather be —John Denver Yep. I’m a John Denver junkie. I won’t apologize for it. The above line has been looping through my … Continue reading Loneliness

January In Indiana

A thought about the cold and snow. Is it cold? Yes. Is it snowy? Yes. Is it inconvenient? Yes. Do we live in Northern Indiana? Yes. The city is keeping up with the streets as best they can. If you don’t like it, apply for the job and do it better. Salt does not melt … Continue reading January In Indiana